Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Let me start by thanking all those who were able to send their contributions in terms of input and suggestions or rather comments on my previous blogs published this year(three in particular)which unfortunately have delibarately been deleted for fear of reprisals.They were misinterpreted in other forms which looked to be making some sense to others and mean something else than what i originally want them to portray.More politics was incorporated that i started feeling the salt or pepper if you like it that way.But it has been sour,mind you(more to follow latter).

As we are in this mourning period,for our former President Bingu,my mind is troubled in trying to weigh situations thus our tradition customs and western beliefs when it comes to mourning.Though i might differ in opinion with others,but i feel the mourning period is just too much for our departed soul.The original planned period of ten days was just fine.The way i see it now,the essence of grief or sorrow is being lost.One day for each region to pay last respect could be appropriate.It is not a must for every jack and jim to view,but rather a selected few to stand in for us all.
I have a feeling we should not exxergerate just to see the same people view at the State house,Parliament,Mzuzu,Sanjika and Ndata just for the sake of it or to be seen as the most sorrowful.There are alot of friends and relatives as well so lets give each other chances to do the same.I was imagining if i was dead as of now and people of that magnitude coming to view,will my soul feel good?The answer coming to me could be NO.

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