Friday, February 25, 2011


This is the first in a series of many reflections on the call and vocation of an Immigration officer.Agueably,many will regard this as not included to be a call as much of this is associated with religious circles but i for one feel it is a vocation(more to follow).Now after almost a decade and half of experiences in real life and immaginations,i have a feeling that i need to share with my comrades in different parts of the world in what alot of people regard as proffession or occupation.It will be coming in episodes or rather chapters stressing on a speciffic topics with vivid examples and experiences.Immaginations will also take a central part since some of the aspects have not been seen in black and white but there are strong indications and likelyhood to have taken a part in various decision making and conclusions of important cases.I will need feedback through various fora and contributions from the public at large.Some could suggest the way forward or the right channel of discussing these important matters.All in all, it will be a way of expressing what we feel and what people expect of us.